Our terms & conditions of hire


A boat is booked when the signed booking form together with a deposit of 20% of the basic hire charge (including VAT) has been received and a confirmation of booking issued by Cambrian Cruisers.

Balance of Charges

The balance of charges are payable at least 28 days before the commencement of the holiday. Failure by the hirer to pay the balance on time may lead to the cancellation of the holiday and loss of deposit paid.


Once a booking has been confirmed this places a contractual responsibility on the hirer to pay the full cost of the holiday. In the event of the hirer having to cancel the holiday at any time after the booking has been confirmed, Cambrian Cruisers will endeavour to relet the boat for the same period. If we are successful in re-letting the boat we will reimburse the amount received from the new booking (up to the amount paid by the hirer), less a £80 administration fee. If the boat remains unlet the hirer will still be held responsible for payment of the balance due.

Where cancellation is due to one of the following reasons, (affecting anyone named on the booking form), the booking will be terminated and we will reimburse all money paid less a £80 administration fee upon receipt of acceptable documentary proof:

Death, illness or injury to a member of the party.
We strongly advise you to take out travel insurance to cover any other form of cancellation.

Age Limits. Cambrian Cruisers will not hire a boat to any person under the age of 21.
Party Bookings or all Male/Female Crews. We regret that we are not normally prepared to hire our boats to clubs or youth groups, nor to single sex groups.

Collection/Return of Boats

Boats must be returned to our base by 9am and vacated by 9.30am in a clean condition. Delays beyond those times may result in a charge of £20 per hour. Boats will normally be available for collection by hirers at 2.30pm on the day of hire. However, Cambrian Cruisers cannot be held responsible for delays caused by previous hirers.


Cambrian Cruisers provide full insurance cover for the boat and it’s equipment and covers people named on the booking form for any third party claims that may result directly from the operation of the boat. The hirer will only be held responsible for any negligent, irresponsible or wilful damage to the boat or it’s equipment. Personal injury to the hirer or crew is not covered by our insurance and hirers should check that they have adequate insurance of their own.

Car Parking

Free car parking is provided, but vehicles are left at the owner’s risk.

Delays and Restrictions

Cambrian Cruisers cannot be held responsible for any delays or non-fulfilment of programmes caused by breakdown, unforeseen defects, obstruction, repairs or damage to either our boats or the inland waterways system. We also reserve the right to restrict the cruising area without notice if unusual conditions arise and make no financial adjustment in any of these circumstances. Bookings are made and accepted on the basis that Cambrian Cruisers cannot be held responsible for any stoppages imposed by the British Waterways and no compensation can be made for any resultant inconvenience.


The hirer is in complete charge of the boat and is responsible for its safe navigation. In the event of an accident the hirer must immediately inform Cambrian Cruisers with full details and names and addresses of witnesses. Do Not Admit Liability.
Loss of Water. The hirer is responsible for any claims made by British Waterways for loss of water or any damage to property caused by the hirer.

Hirers Property

We regret that we cannot accept any responsibility for damage to passenger’s property, baggage, motor cars etc. howsoever caused. Any property belonging to passengers left on boats will only be returned on receipt of agreed postage and packing charges. Company’s Reservations. It should be noted that

(i) We reserve the right to refuse to hand over a boat to anyone we consider to be unsuitable to take charge. In this event all money paid will be refunded and the hirer shall have no further claim

(ii) If, owing to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot provide the boat booked or a suitable alternative, we will refund all the money paid in full and the hirer shall have no further claim.


The contents of this online brochure and other written materials supplied by Cambrian Cruisers is generally accurate, but no responsibility will be accepted for inaccuracies which may exist. Layouts are not drawn to scale.

Boat Instruction

The hirer and crew undertake to receive instruction from representatives of Cambrian Cruisers in boat handling and agree to abide by the procedures contained in the boat handbook, and Boat Handover Certificate.


The prices advertised include VAT at 20%. The rate applicable is that applying at the commencement of the holiday and if the rate is changed the company reserve the right to collect (or refund) any difference before releasing the boat.


It is up to the hirer to ensure they have the relevant licenses. No live bait permitted on the boats.


Bicycles are not permitted on any boat.
Only the persons named on the Booking Form may board the boat during the period of hire, unless prior permission has been obtained for up to 2 extra persons to visit during the daytime, but not to remain onboard overnight. Our policy on pet free boats must be observed at all times.